Nymphoides Peltata

Similar to waterlilies, natural plant in Europe, suitable for shallow water, it produces small yellow flower, round leaves.
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Iris Louisiana "Colorific"

Hybridizer: Mertzweiller
Year: 1978


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Height: 80 cm. - 32"

Number of buds each branch: 3-4

Characteristics and comment: Louisiana Iris are hardy plants, suitable for wet soil, near ponds, or in normal garden or potted, they need good watering.
They should be bought in any moment during the year, but the best season is the end of summer/autumn, from july to october, to planting and have good flowering in spring.
Hardy plants, they don't care about being outside in winter, if planted in ponds they should be in no more than 15-20 cm. water deep. Flowering in may/june.

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