Cyperus Giganteus

Cyperus Giganteus is an hardy giant cyperus variety, can survive under the ice without problems, stems dry and the new stems will start to grow in spring. Is an useful variety to keep clean water for his phyto-purifying capability of his roots.
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Zantedeschia aethiopica "White Giant" (Calla white giant)

The Zantedeschia, also called calla lily, is a species that makes white flowers with green leaves. This Zantedeschia variety is called “White Giant” and can grow flowers up to 6’ tall (180 cm.) in the best growing conditions, it grows taller and bigger during the years while the rhizome develops.
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Iris Pseudata "Okagami"

The name means "Big Mirror", white creamy flower very attractive.
Hybridizer: Shimitsu
Year: 2008


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Height: 90 cm. - 35"

Number of buds each branch: 4-5

Characteristics and comment: The name means "Big Mirror", white creamy flower very attractive.

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Siberian Iris

Siberian iris is a specie that grows better in wet soil but not completely submerged. Better use for pond border or soil that is watered often.Hybridizer: Year:
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